I don’t care what they say…

I don’t care what people say about Julian Tavarez….I like him.

When the Red Sox signed Tavarez, I heard somewhere that it was to keep Manny happy. Give him a friend to play with. I know my kids are happier when their friends are around. Let’s keep Manny happy.

The veteran right-hander was thrown onto a sinking ship toward the end of last season. He was pulled out of the bullpen, after many disastrous relief appearances, and was used as a starter when the RS had nothing left. Under the pressure of the Fenway crowd, he more than rose to the occasion. To that, he earned himself a spot in this year’s starting rotation.

I suppose I always like to root for the underdog; and underdog he is. Am I going to blame last nights loss on Tavarez? No. Was it his best stuff out there? No. I like him because he’s one of those (and there are very few of them left), baseball purist. He belives in a lot of the old-school baseball basics and stands by his convictions. I like that. A bit kooky and hot-headed…yea. But he takes the punishment when due. Besides, I’m sure Tavarez is disposable once Roger makes his decision on what he’s going to do. I can’t help think about the beginning of the ’06 season; we had 7 pitchers and ended up pulling pitchers out of the minors to pitch for us. I sure hope this doesn’t happen again this year.

On to Wake; yea, I know Wakefield’s loss came before Tavarez’s, but I want to kind of keep it a secret so I’m burying it in the bottom of this blog. Wake: you’re really looking 40ish out there this year. I’m saying that in a good way and a not so good way. You look handsome, tanned and well rested, and that’s the good way. But, I’m not so sure about your pitching–40ish.

Boston media (and fans) are now bashing Marabelli (of course, Wake doesn’t get the loss, Marabelli gets it too). Now their saying how much we need Josh Bard back; what a mistake it was to trade him; how great he’s doing in San Deigo; blah, blah, blah. Well, first off, I’m not sure if anyone besides me remembers (I was cursed/blessed with an outstanding memory), but Josh Bard couldn’t catch a knuckleball for the life of him. One game alone, I think he had three or four passed balls. Not acceptable! Wasn’t then, isn’t now. Of course now, he’s their the Padres main catcher and doing well. Good for you Josh.

I’m not real worried about our three losses (yet). I a fan no matter what. Sure, I love a good win, expecially at home. Besides, we’ve got a ton of new guys on the team; we’ve just got to gel, mon. The way I look at it, these games before our home opener are more like an extended Spring Training, only on the road in a bigger stadium. We have our own ‘holy week’ coming up when we welcome our guys for our home opener. I’m looking forward to a couple of games next week up at Fenway. The first two I’ll watch from the living room. Yea, I’m letting those obsessed with attending opening day get thier tickets, though I would like to pay homage to the 1967 team. I’m sure NESN will cover it well. On Thursday I’m pulling the kiddos out of school early and heading to what my 10-year old calls his home-away-from-home…America’s Most Beloved Ballpark…Fenway. Can’t wait. This is when baseball starts getting serious for me.

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