Winning Without Winning

Being the pathetic loser I am at lotteries, I’ve conceded to the fact that if I want any of the highly sought-after tickets to my beloved Red Sox I’m going to have to work for them.


I know how they operate. I know what it takes to get tickets now and throughout the year. The Red Sox do keep some tickets in reserve and release them periodically to give everyone an equal chance to get tickets. We call them drops.


I don’t rely on drops. Personally, I don’t think that the ‘average’ fan should be
tixs.JPGable to get tickets over us obsessed, baseball-indulged fans that can’t get enough of our Red Sox. But the Red Sox try to and they do keep them from ‘us.’ They keep tickets from those of us that want to go to 40, maybe 50 games a year. They don’t want folks who aren’t season ticket holders to see that many games for some unknown reason. So, you have to play their game. And finally, I have some of it figured out. Not all of it, but some of it.


So (YEA!) today I was able to score some Opening Day tickets, as well as some summer Yankee tickets. O.K. It’s a labor of love but this loser scored! And I am psyched! So even though their lottery system failed me, I was able to prevail. And I say it again, YEA! Plus, I may still be eligible for their periodic drops.


(The best part of Opening Day this year, it is against those Devils.)

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