Our New Toy

Game 57 – At the Fens – June 9


Red Sox vs. That NY Team


Game 1 of the Series:  W ~ 7-0


I had to comment on this one…


Knew we’d have the Beckett of ‘ol. Caught him smilin’ before the game


Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for joshsmile.jpg O.K. this isn’t the picture from last night…but I saw him….I did; really. I’m sure it will show up on youtube or something…


He pitched great! I love this guy; have I ever said that before?



Thumbnail image for beckett.JPGBut, more (or at least equally) important — hey pinstripers — meet our new toy. His name is Daniel Bard.


bard.JPGI’m sure the pleasure is all yours. He surely gave those radar guns a workout.





On Hiatus

So, you’ve been wondering where I’ve been; what I’ve been up to? Or not. I’m officially on hiatus.


tv.JPGI suppose slump would work here, too. For my baseball writing anyway. 


SLUMP – (pronounced: sluhmp) noun

11:  A period during which a person performs slowly, inefficiently, or ineffectively.


That would be me.


I’m involved with 90 million different things right now, including some writing, though not about baseball. It’s obscure and off-beat, and requires extra time and effort. It’s not coming out of my head like it should. So it seems my creative juices are flowing in an opposite direction of baseball. Hopefully the Coriolis Effect will return them to the proper flow and things will be “normal” again…whatever normal is. Or not. We’ll see. 


Traveling to Philly next week. Hopefully will check in then.


Ciao – for now.


Sitting Out Big Papi

I have a lot of catching up to do but I’m not going to right now. I had an amazing weekend (last weekend) at Fenway that I have started to write about but other things took over. Again, I will try to catch up because I have some great pictures but, I’m lazy and in a serious funk this week so I’ve put that task by the way-side. <big sigh>

Thumbnail image for happy.JPG

Everyone is talking about it. Everyone has been talking about it. I’ve been

talking about it. So now I have to write about it but I really have nothing to say. How weird is that? I find solace in writing and can usually get out what is on my mind, which I have found to be (lately) both a blessing and a curse. But anyway…..



David Ortiz. Big Papi. What’s up with him?


SLUMP – (pronounced: sluhmp) noun


11:  A period during which a person performs slowly, inefficiently, or ineffectively, esp. a period during which an athlete or team fails to play or score as well as usual.


By definition, David Ortiz is in a slump. We’re talking a serious slum, but a slump none-the-less. I look at a bunch of factors. First, and foremost, I don’t know why Terry let it go this long by not adjusting him (moving him
ortiz.JPGdown) in the line up. A week or so ago that should have been done and wasn’t. Now, since it wasn’t done, he’s now taking a couple of mental health days. Yea, we all need them once and a while; Big Papi needs one (or two, or three). I kept my kid out of school a few weeks ago because he was needing one seriously. Being twelve years old is tough and I recognize that. Hey, I’m a nice mom, what can I say?  


Now, next. Why the slump? Well, that’s one of life’s great mysteries. No answer to that one.  This actually seems like a quite extensive slump but would it be so bad if he had been moved earlier. I look at Tek. The guy is doing just fine after his slump at the end of last season, right? But, on the other hand, Tek’s job is catching; no slump there. Big Papi’s job is hitting. What happens when you don’t do your job?ortizbat.JPG


Here is the world according to me: I say rest Ortiz. Put him in the 7 or 8 slot when he returns. See what happens. I’m not ready to throw him under the bus. I want a rested and rejuvenated Big Papi. Afterall, he was awarded the best clutch hitter award a couple years back. I know he has it in him. Right now it’s a game of wait and see but not at the teams expense. Especially once Youk gets back in the lineup, we’ll be fine. We’ll get through this, I know we will. Good luck Big Papi. I still love ya.

More Catching Up To Do

Games 29 & 30 – At the Fens – May 6 & 7

Red Sox vs. Cleveland Indians


Game 1 of the Series:  L ~ 2-9


Another short series but this one at home and this one against the Indians. Pitching match-up of Justin Masterson vs Carl Pavano. Remember him? Connecticut boy gone bad…went to the dark side for a large contract….only played like sixteen games for the bad guys…..signed with the Indians. Well, I can’t believe we couldn’t get to him. I went to the game and wanted to leave with the other 20,000 people that did….but I didn’t. I always stay until the end. Sometimes, especially games like this I question my own loyalty. But, I love this team and will rejuvenate on the ride home. Additionally, this was Masterson’s first career loss at Fenway after winning seven in a row at home in the last two seasons. See, that’s also why I’m sad about this loss….(p.s. Way too many of those dot, dot, dots in this, huh?)


Game 2 of the Series:  W ~ 13-3


Not only did we win this one, we couldn’t stop our offense for anything. It was the longest sixth inning I’ve seen since Little League. The Indians needed the mercy rule in this one. It was ugly for them but we’ve been there. It’s just nice to be on the winning end of ugly games. Another Wake on night and we’ll take it!


Next up: Tampa at home. WooHoo; I can’t wait.

Old News

Before I continue to update my blog to date, I just found this that I wrote but never posted; my bad. It’s about us sweeping that NY team so I couldn’t just overlook it.


We’re half-way through this long stretch of no days off for the Red Sox. The boys had a brief (but awesome) stop at the new Yankee Stadium. Other than the wins we chalked up there, the stop wasn’t as grand and wonderful as that NY team always think they are. Then back home with another short gig with the Indians. 


Games 27 & 28 – At the New Yankee Stadium – May 4 & 5

Red Sox vs. That New York team


Game 1 of the Series: W ~ 6-4


A long wait for the game to begin but it was worth the wait. Personally, I didn’t stay up for the game, which in addition to the almost two-and-a-half hour- delay, lasted almost four hours. It seems they always do against that team. Lester was on his game and pitched a gem with ten strike-outs in his seven innings. Joba Chamberlain was scratched at the last minute; Hughes pitched instead. After scoring one run per inning in the first, second, third and fourth (see they add up when you do it that way), Jason Bay added some insurance by hitting a two-run homer in the seventh. Youk left the game in the with back stiffness; oh, no.


Game 2 of the Series:  W ~ 7-3


We got on the board early thanks to a three-run homer by Jason Bay in the first. This surely got their mojo workin’. Beckett gave up ten hits including a three-run shot to Damon, but our offense must like this new place because they just keep hitting them. Chamberlain pitched tonight instead of last night and we got to him early; then he hung on. A wet night but we won and that’s very cool.



I Think I’m Going To Be Sick

It’s a(nother) sad day in baseball.


Open letter to Manny: Manny, I can’t tell you how disappointed I am. I am speechless.


I, just yesterday, apologized to several of my friends for being supporting Manny about his last days wearing a Red Sox uniform. I just experienced my son, pulling a Manny. I’m going to publish a letter I dreaded writing (or even having to acknowledge) but when I’m wrong, I admit it. I don’t always see the perspective that is common ground. I never drink the kool-aid. I like to always try to put a positive spin on things because I truly, in my heart believe people are born good. Now, with that being said:


As you probably know, my 12-year old Elliott, plays Little League. He’s in the Majors Division and up until now has held his own when it comes to ability. Probably doesn’t have inherent talent but works very hard and that is apparent watching him play. This season, for whatever reason, he’s in a funk, a slump or whatever you’d call it. This has taken this very positive player in to negative territory. What I witnessed at his last game was purely despicable. He was in the dugout bitchin’, moaning, complaining, not to mention, going up to bat, not swinging at pitches, not running for the ball that he was fielding, etc. This behavior made me want to vomit.
When this kid left his game, his mother gave him the talking to of a lifetime. I gave him 24-hours to come up with a solution to this disgusting behavior regarding baseball. We’re hoping the situation turns around and we’ll see since he has two games this week.
OK. The reason I tell this to you is because I wanted to apologize since I was your biggest critic for you expressing your disdain for the number 24. I now see at a very low level how this must have impacted our players last year. This is a perspective I never saw before. I probably won’t go as far as to say I hate him for this, but I clearly can see now how people can. I thought you’d enjoy my recent revelation.


I am so sad. That’s all I have to say right now because I am speechless. I feel like crying but instead I think I’ll go throw up.

At the Trop

It’s the Red Sox versus the Rays but this time it’s in Tampa at the Trop. The Trop always seems to be a nightmare for the Red Sox. Other than Wakefield, nobody is consistant or even does well there. It’s a four-game stand. I don’t get to see Kazmir pitch but that’s just as well because at the end of the week, the Rays will be in Boston again and I’ll see him pitch there.


Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for rsvrays.JPGGames 23, 24, 25 & 26 – At the Trop – April 30, May 1, 2 & 3

Red Sox vs. Tampa Bay “Devil” Rays


Game 1 of the Series: L ~ 0 – 13


This one was ugly; I mean really ugly. It had all the makings of a good game: Beckett vs Garza. I love to see Beckett and I can’t stand Garza: Perfect. What has happened to our Josh Beckett? I will be forever-indebted to Jacoby Ellsbury for messing up Garza’s no-hitter. Thank you, sir. That’s the only good thing that happened this game. Tampa got 18 hits! We even pulled our right fielder, Jonathan Van Every and put him in to pitch. Ugly. Time to move on.


Game 2 of the Series:  L ~ 2-6


O.K., admittedly this one wasn’t as bad as yesterday but I’m sort of becoming a sore loser when it’s against the Rays. It just isn’t supposed to be this way. Justin Masterson vs. Sonnanstine. Masterson had a terrible fifth inning, in fact, a six run fifth. Yuck. Pedroia got three hits and other than that, it was a losing game.


Game 3 of the Series:  W ~ 10 – 6


Wake vs Niemann. Niemann did terrible, thankfully for us. We jumped on him early scoring six runs in the first three innings. Lots of hits from both teams. Mike Lowell homered; yea, Mike! Not much else other than the Rays walked Pedroia to get to Ortiz. That is sad. Though Big Papi is hitting .215, he has no home runs this season at all. Not good.


Game 4 of the Series:  L ~ 5 – 3


Brad Penney is pitching against James Shields. Shields hasn’t been doing that well this season, of course one of his losses coming against the Red Sox earlier in the season. He didn’t look great. But Penny has been 50/50 – won 2, lost 2. The two he’s lost have been as terrible as a game could get. Luckily, though we lose this one, it wasn’t that Horrible Brad we’ve seen. Oh, those devils. They have our number, especially in Tampa. They take three out of four from us. Now it’s on to the new Yankee Stadium for a two-game stop before going home. There’s no place like home.