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Congrats, Guys!

Just wanted to extend a huge congratulations to our boys of summer for making the 2009 All-Star Team.


Wake, as I said earlier: a HUGE apology. I was wrong. I would have never re-signed you. When I’m wrong, I admit it. BUT even a bigger CONGRATULATIONS for making All-Stars for the first time, you old guy!


Joshie: Love ya, babe! Congratulations! So glad you made it again, but you get some rest between starts because we want our All-Star to do his job for us.


Jason Bay: Cool! Good for you. You deserve it.


Dustin: I’d love to see you pick up in the offensive role, but your defense got you there, deservingly.


Paps: Good for you. Congrats. Too bad you’re already deciding where you want to be during contract time, even though it’s a couple years off.


And Youk. Joe Madden is a smart man. I only have one thing to say:



Thumbnail image for texiera.JPGp.s. Yes, I am a poor sport.