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Our New Toy

Game 57 – At the Fens – June 9


Red Sox vs. That NY Team


Game 1 of the Series:  W ~ 7-0


I had to comment on this one…


Knew we’d have the Beckett of ‘ol. Caught him smilin’ before the game


Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for joshsmile.jpg O.K. this isn’t the picture from last night…but I saw him….I did; really. I’m sure it will show up on youtube or something…


He pitched great! I love this guy; have I ever said that before?



Thumbnail image for beckett.JPGBut, more (or at least equally) important — hey pinstripers — meet our new toy. His name is Daniel Bard.


bard.JPGI’m sure the pleasure is all yours. He surely gave those radar guns a workout.




There’s No Place Like Home

I love when the Red Sox come home. The Red Sox must too. Why can’t we play all of our games at Fenway? After all, it is America’s Most Beloved Ballpark, right? The most amazing things seem to happen when the Red Sox are at home.


osvrs.JPGGames 10, 11, 12 & 13 – Fenway Park – April 17, 18, 19 & 20

Red Sox vs. Baltimore Orioles


Game 1 of the Series: W ~ 10-8


I had to go to a wake tonight. An old friend passed away. She was a very big Red Sox fan. She was 80 and unlike her husband, she was lucky enough to see the Red Sox win two championships.


penny.JPGI heard the beginning of the game and it was ugly. As much as I’d rather not talk about, I will. When I got out of the wake, Brad Penny had given up a total of seven runs. Penny gave up a gazillion walks to load the bases and Nick Markakus hits a grand slam. Remember, this is the second inning. Luckily the Red Sox offense came alive and on my way to pick up the kids; Jason Bay hits a homer that drives in three runs. The Red Sox scored four in the bottom of the second. OK., cool. At least we’re not going to get shut out. 


After taking Penny out in the third, they put Delcarmen in. With no outs and one on, Markakis hits a double to drive in a run. I still wasn’t ready to throw in the towel, afterall, we’re playing the O’s. Delcarmen retires the next eight batters in a row. J. D. Drew hits a homer in the third. The RS offense stays hot and we get three more in the fifth, including a 2-run double by Nick Green. Youk gets drilled by a ball thrown by Baez and ends up scoring the 10th run off a single by Mike Lowell.


Overall, it was one of those crazy nights, ones that only seem to happen to the Red Sox at Fenway Park.


Game 2 of the Series:  W ~ 6-4


You know what they say about payback? Youk gets drilled by a pitch last
Thumbnail image for youk.jpgnight, and what better way to pay back those O’s but by going 4-5 with four RBI’s. Youk’s four hits in the game included a single, two doubles and his third home run of the season that brought home Dustin Pedroia and David Ortiz.


Luckily our offense is coming to; it’s the second night in a row the Red Sox got 12 hits. Josh Beckett got the win. He’ll begin serving his suspension after this so it’s great he’s on a high note.


But, that’s only part one of the exciting night in baseball. I had to TIVO the game because I went to a concert last night. I was bummed I’d miss the game but knew I could watch it later. I headed up to Worcester to see the Dead. Had VIP passes that had all the perks of an important person. It was fun and the concert was great but the reason I bring this up is that instead of heading to our seats when we arrived at the venue, we went to the pre-concert party before hand. When we walked in the first thing I saw was huge widescreens with Cleveland playing those pinstripers. Of course, my first impression was, why on earth would they have this game on. So, I look at the score and it’s 20-4, Cleveland. Wow! What a fun way to start a night!

It only got worse for that NY team, but, oh well…you can’t win them all.


Game 3 of the Series:  W ~ 2-1


Finally. Jon Lester looked like Jon Lester. Like everyone, I was a bit
Thumbnail image for lester2.JPGworried since Lester had two really horrible starts, of course the only two of this season. But tonight he pitched seven shut out innings. That away, Jon.


Youk was being Youk; he doubled in the second, knocking in the first of the two RS runs. Man, he is hot! Sato finished up the game, giving Paps the night off. Yes, three in a row and a day game tomorrow!


Game 4 of the Series:  W~ 12-1 – Patriot’s Day 2009


The game started as a Red Sox slug-fest and ended as a slug-fest with a fifteen hit outing. With Justin Masterson on the mound, my eyes were glued to the set. I love to watch him pitch but I am really concerned for any young arm to go from starter to bullpen, to starter and back to bullpen. I guess it’s the mom in me but after seeing Paps carry his arm off the mound a few years ago, I am nervous about this. He did a fine job
jmas.JPG covering for Diva Dice-K who is recovering from playing in the WBC.


It appeared to be a cold, windy day at Fenway but our bats were hot. (How cliche.) The wind must have been blowing just the right way. Dustin Pedroia had four hits, drove in three and scored three runs. Even
dustin.JPGBig Papi, who so far has been silent, had a double, a triple and drove in two runs. Jacoby Ellsbury had three hits and scored three times. Tek continued to show he means business by adding two RBI’s that included a shot over the Monster.


This game concludes the four game series with the O’s. It’s nice to know that we’ve won four in a row now; it sort of takes the sting away from the west coast trip.


The Intentional vs The Unintentional

calm.JPGOh, great. Now our ace is out; suspended for six games and fined.


Was it intentional or unintentional? Seems everyone’s behaviors are judged by that very question at one time or another. Of course, there are the noble ones that always seem to know of another’s intentions, regardless of the facts.


I don’t get it. During Sunday’s game, after the bench-clearing ‘incident,’ it appeared that Josh Beckett was issued a warning, but I don’t remember ever hearing anyone verify that for sure. I was amazed at his composure especially since he appears to always be so intense. But, he can be so calm. Look at that composure.


That whole situation was a disaster. This is the way I saw it (but remember I am a huge Josh Beckett fan so it may be a tainted view): Time was called way late; the execution of the pitch had begun when Beckett saw the time out. Rather than stop mid-stream the ball just
hunter.JPGflew. It never even hit Abreu. But it sure cleared the benches. Torii Hunter and Justin Speier, for whatever reason, really flew off the handle. From what I could see, Hunter even had physical altercation with the umpires. To me, that is definitely worthy of a fine AND a suspension: the ultimate disrespect of baseball authority. Remember Roberto Alomar, ex-second baseman for the Orioles that spit at the ump? It rates right up there in my book.


incident.JPGMike Scocia apparently was really heated because of the way Beckett didn’t show any remorse. “I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do,” Beckett said. “Am I supposed to give him (Abreu) a hug? I wasn’t really in a hugging mood right then.”


As soon as Beckett was handed the suspension, he immediately appealed. He going on the contention, (and I love his quotes): I’ve never hit anybody in the head, and it’s not really on my list of stuff to accomplish. But people can think what they want to think,” Beckett said. “I know Bobby Abreu. He knows I’m not trying to hit him in the head.”  Was it intentional, is really the question. Unlike others, I always believe in the good of people; others do not. We’ll see what happens.


Anyway, look at that face: it’s so sweet and innocent.



Opening Day (Part 2)

DSC_0364.JPGOpening Day (Part 2) went off without a hitch. Thick clouds swirled in the sky early but no rain soaked today. It wasn’t actually the beautiful day we all wished for. It was very windy and moderately cold. Was a great game.


I (again) drove to Boston with a dear, long-time friend, who also happens to be a Red Sox fan. He had never been to an Opening Day; alas, he gets to go to two. Another friend came along for the ride.


It was so good to see the crowd on Yawkey Way.


It was touching to see the lowering of the flag across the green monster.


It was emotional seeing Ted Kennedy throw out the first pitch to newly elected Hall-Of-Famer Jim Rice.


And the fly-over…WOW. Very cool.


The introduction of the players was a bit different than usual: instead of the players coming from the dugout, they came out from the grandstands. The person sitting next to me apparently was about to enter the elevator and out come the team to his surprise. He captured it on his cell phone. The dude was wearing a NY hat. Not my favorite seat-mate. This is the seat where my ‘friend’ was suppose to be sitting. I don’t even want to speculate how they got into the hands of this fan. I’m letting go. Oh, well.


Then the game began. Our 2008 MVP homered at first time up: second batter, first inning. How appripoe! The Beckett / Shields match-up was fun. Beckett pitched well with only a few hic-ups here and there. Varitek homered in the sixth. Great to see! They put in Okie for a few batters; not my favorite choice but when they took him out, Masterson cleaned up Okie’s mess in the eighth. Paps closed out the game for the save. Game ended 5 – 3 over the Rays. It was fun but, frankly, not worth all the BS that went along with it. Live and learn. Bring on the season and the competition of real baseball. That I love.






Opening Day 2009 (Part 1)

od.JPGHi, my name is Jackie. I am a Kaz-aholic. Yes, I am a Red Sox fan but in September 2004, I noticed this young pitcher, a lefty, pitch against Pedro and I was hooked. I just can’t get enough of watching this guy pitch. I don’t know what it is. I call it his dance; that fluid motion as he executes his wind-up and release. That leg; the way it always follows in the same manner, every pitch. I compare it to watching Mikhail Baryshnikov dance. I could watch this guy pitch every day.


Problem here is he’s a pitcher on the ‘Devil’ Rays. Yup. That team that went from worst to first. Yup. The one that beat the Red Sox in the ALCS in 2008 to go on to lose to the Phillies in last season’s World Series. So you are asking yourself, what on earth does this have to do with Opening Day? Well I will tell you.


At the end of last season we found out that the Red Sox would open the 2009 season at home against the Rays. Pretty much everyone I know knows how much I love to see the RS play that team. My friend and I made a pack that we would do the RS Destinations trip for the Opener at Fenway. This would alleviate us trying for decent OD tickets because we’d get the whole series from the Destinations package. Well, come to find out, the tickets that are offered in the package were, well let’s just say somewhat questionable. When you’re talking early April in Boston, weather equals comfort. So we hemmed-and-hawed, and apparently to the right person, because another one of our friends was able to get us beautiful seats for Opening Day when tickets went on sale. (Thanks again, Strat!).


Now, I usually don’t have any interest in Opening Day; been there, done that. Though I haven’t been for years, I could care less about being there. After the 2004 World Series, I tried to get tickets to the 2005 Opening Day Ring Ceremony and couldn’t so, just like a woman scorned; I usually don’t want anything to do with OD. But this year it was different. I made a pack with my friend, and besides, the RS are hosting those ‘Devils.’ All of the friends from LN see Opening Day as a holiday and have a ritual that goes along with it. This year I would go.


Opening Day in Fenway was scheduled for Monday, April 6, with Tuesday being an off-day. April 6 is pretty early to start baseball in Boston. The off-day was scheduled more like a rain date and for good reason.


As the ritual goes, LN meets before the game at BBT the last day of the season, and BBW on Opening Day. Our friends were coming from TN, NJ, NY, NH, RI, CT and of course, areas of MA. All week they were calling for rain, but we all know, it can’t rain on Opening Day. I had faith. Well, I was wrong, it can rain on Opening Day, and it did.


As everyone was meeting at BBW, I was driving through Natick, still on the highway on my way to Boston. This is when my phone began to ring; and ring; and ring, and ring. Everyone (and their brother) called to let me know the news: Larry Lucchino just announced that because of the dismal weather outlook for today, Opening Day was going to be played on Tuesday instead. Just as we heard the news, the sun began to break through the thick cloud cover over Natick. O.K., was this going to be like when they cancel school in town because there MIGHT be snow, and it ends up raining? I know the weather was questionable but it not only hadn’t started raining, it actually looked as though it would clear up.


We arrived in Boston (165 miles on Monday), and met up with LN at BBW. Everyone was there. It was wonderful to see everyone together. Though we had just seen each other in February, it still was nice to see everyone. In my less-than-humble-opinion, it was a terrible off-season. Baseball news seemed flat and dismal; there was a tumultuous period for me in the off-season, one (or two) which have been since ironed out. But overall, it was uneasy and problematic. Bottom-line: Baseball couldn’t come soon enough!


Of course, the topic of the day was who was going tomorrow and who wasn’t, and who wasn’t, what to do with their tickets. The irony was, the folks who looked so forward to attending Opening Day, were the ones who couldn’t work out coming back on Tuesday. As wonderful as it was to see everyone, it was a sad, dismal day.


Thumbnail image for puddle.JPG 

And then the rains came. When it rained, it rained hard. The Red Sox made the right decision this time. They made the call early enough for people to make alternate plans. I’ve been one to complain that they often hold you hostage at Fenway, not telling you what their plans are just to keep selling you beer and food. But not today.


Someday’s I like rain; other’s I don’t. Today I don’t. Opening Day 2009 will have to wait until tomorrow. The long-awaited Beckett / Shields match up will happen tomorrow. I’ll be there. I wouldn’t miss it.