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The Start of Something Good

fblogo.jpgMy Fantasy has begun.


I am so excited; I love fantasy. Plus I love baseball. What a perfect match. So this is what it is like to be the manager of an excellent baseball team? I’m walking with a spring in my step and a smile pasted on my face.


Yesterday we drafted our players to our Fantasy Baseball team. There are twelve random fans in my league. I don’t know any of them but I was able to meet them on the little chat board they have attached to the league. One thing I can say, at least eight of them are men. Also to my advantage, I think, they are mostly all National League fans. I can dig it. Don’t they remember that the American League has been winning all the All-Star games in the past however long it has been? If they don’t know, please don’t let the cat out of the bag.


Only three must have day jobs because there were only three that had their drafts set up on auto-pilot. I’m a bit uncomfortable with that concept simply because I am so indecisive by nature. The players that I thought I wanted three weeks ago, or even three days ago aren’t necessarily who I wanted during the draft. And oh, the pressure! I’m very happy with my choices. My outfield could use a bit of upgrading, though. I’m a bit concerned that there are a lot of big bats that double as outfielders and I may have overlooked grabbing those players. We’ll see.


youkpetey.JPGMy strategy was to get my pitching out of the way. Maybe I’m na├»ve and really screwed up (remember, I got to pick third), but I think pitching wins games, which wins championships so why not have pitching be the first choice? Other than pitching, my second and third choices were Kevin Youkilis and Dustin Pedroia. I can’t believe that after 36 picks, Petroia was still available when it came back to me. What were they thinking? Don’t they read the sports page?


snowman.JPGWith just hours to go before the official start of Spring Training, I couldn’t be more excited. I’m really sick of people complaining about the weather here in
New England. Yea, we had a January filled with cold and weird snow. Yes, weird. (Haven’t yet been able to make a snowman. Never in my life has winter gone by without a snowman peering in my windows at night. No good packing snow. What can you do?) But isn’t it supposed to be cold in January?


Spring is in the air. Unfortunately I can’t breath because of this but, it’s all
good. My neighbor has his trees tapped and the syrup is flowing. So, it is official. Let spring begin!


Dear Mr. Fantasy

fblogo.jpgI’m so excited! Fantasy Baseball starts this week. My draft is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. Barring a hurricane, major snow storm, loss of limbs, fire or worse, I’ll be in front of my computer waiting for my turn to draft my team.


Last year I played a lame version of Fantasy Baseball. I never even made the
playoffs. That was cool, no problem. But, that just isn’t happening this year. I’m
webelieve.JPGreally not too competitive by nature. I’m not one of those that need to come out first every time. I’m a third child. You know, the complacent one. Plus, after all, I’m a Red Sox fan from way back. Yes, I know there is a different breed of RS
fans walking around now-a-days, but I’m one of those from the old school; you know, one that has had years of practice with disappointment. (Remember our 86 year drought?)  


I’m in this year’s Fantasy league not with a goal on the physical competitive
brain.JPGedge (grunt, grunt) but with much more education; I’m going to play smart
 baseball. I look at players like Jason Varitek and Curt Schilling and, in addition to their playing skills (O.K, not Tek’s offense; defense, baby, defense), what is their forte? Studying the players; that’s the way I’m playing. I’ve studied, memorized and re-studied the players. Kind of a Jamesian way of playing. I have my picks and hopefully I can get who I want. I pick third out of our league of 12. As I said, I’m so excited!


I’m only going to manage one team even though we are entitled to up to five. I’m putting all my effort into my one. I can’t image juggling five. I can barely walk and chew gum at the same time. Maybe that will be next year’s goal. No, not walking and chewing gum, but having an AL team and a NL team. That would be more than a fantasy; that would be a dream.


One thing I am going to stay away from, though, are juicers. I refuse to select
steroid.JPGplayers for my team that I believe have or, worse, still use ‘roids. I try not to be a hypocrite. In fact, being hypocritical is a character flaw which I believe is
inexcusable…it is by choice. I play by the rules. I have my mental list of players whom I believe are not true to their sport and I won’t touch them with a ten foot pole. That is my silent protest.


So, I have cleared my calendar and await Wednesday with eager anticipation. I won’t answer my phone; answer the door; no IM’s; the dog is going to have to be in his kennel; nothing is going to keep me from my picks. Wish me luck!