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I Think I’m Going To Be Sick

It’s a(nother) sad day in baseball.


Open letter to Manny: Manny, I can’t tell you how disappointed I am. I am speechless.


I, just yesterday, apologized to several of my friends for being supporting Manny about his last days wearing a Red Sox uniform. I just experienced my son, pulling a Manny. I’m going to publish a letter I dreaded writing (or even having to acknowledge) but when I’m wrong, I admit it. I don’t always see the perspective that is common ground. I never drink the kool-aid. I like to always try to put a positive spin on things because I truly, in my heart believe people are born good. Now, with that being said:


As you probably know, my 12-year old Elliott, plays Little League. He’s in the Majors Division and up until now has held his own when it comes to ability. Probably doesn’t have inherent talent but works very hard and that is apparent watching him play. This season, for whatever reason, he’s in a funk, a slump or whatever you’d call it. This has taken this very positive player in to negative territory. What I witnessed at his last game was purely despicable. He was in the dugout bitchin’, moaning, complaining, not to mention, going up to bat, not swinging at pitches, not running for the ball that he was fielding, etc. This behavior made me want to vomit.
When this kid left his game, his mother gave him the talking to of a lifetime. I gave him 24-hours to come up with a solution to this disgusting behavior regarding baseball. We’re hoping the situation turns around and we’ll see since he has two games this week.
OK. The reason I tell this to you is because I wanted to apologize since I was your biggest critic for you expressing your disdain for the number 24. I now see at a very low level how this must have impacted our players last year. This is a perspective I never saw before. I probably won’t go as far as to say I hate him for this, but I clearly can see now how people can. I thought you’d enjoy my recent revelation.


I am so sad. That’s all I have to say right now because I am speechless. I feel like crying but instead I think I’ll go throw up.

Man, Oh Manny!

hrmanny.jpgIt’s a done deal. Manny Ramirez signs with the L A Dodgers.




Manny can be Manny under Joe Torre’s watch.


Apparently it is the same deal that was on the table four months ago. Oh, well.


The deal includes a player-opt-out clause. That’s good. Plus, he’s getting $45 million for two years. That’s good, too. The deferred part of his salary was in question. Don’t really know, nor do I care about it. In my opinion $45 million is $45 million.


I think Manny will do well with the Dodgers organization, though D-Lowe and Nomar bailed. I still love
Manny and wish him luck.


mannykiss.JPGMy 6-year old will be excited because he was ambivalent about the prospect of him being signed by that NY team. He claimed he’d still love Manny there but he didn’t want his mommy to be upset about it.


It’s over. Let’s let the season begin.


P.S. When and if my little guy lands a ML deal, someone please remind me about this Manny thing. For me, it puts hiring Boras in a whole new light.

The Fire Sale Continues

I’m not sure how this headline should read: Adam Dunn Signs With the Nats or The Nationals FINALLY Sign A Big Bat – 2 year, $20 million, even though he made $13 million last year with the Reds. Apparently he thought he’d be worth
dunn.JPGmore, too, this season. The Nat’s plans are to play first baseman Dunn in the outfield.


Talk about a fire sale, Bobby Abreu was signed this week to the Los Angeles Angels. There is no symmetry to that trade at all. He signed for one year, $5 million. This is a guy that made $16 million for the last two years; unbelievable. How will he ever live at those low standards?


I was wondering what Kevin Millar’s post-Oriole’s destiny was to be and here’s the skinny: he signs with the Blue Jays to a minor-league contract with an non-roster invite to Spring Training. Though I have never been a big fan of
km.JPGKevin Millar’s, it still bothers me that our precious 2004 team was dismantled and this is what has become of it. Trot Nixon spends his entire career with the Sox and ends up playing in the Minors. Mark Bellhorn not only did an extended gig in the Minors, he is now even Minor-less. Now Millar not only the Minors, but for the Blue Jays.  I’m really surprised though because if anyone, I thought that he’d have a career as a MLB broadcaster. Guess the money must be better in the minors, huh?


And lastly, Manny? Where’s Manny? Dodger’s claim they are still interested even though he let one contract expire and he turned one down. Maybe three’s
mannypray.JPGa charm? Please, please would somebody sign Manny. I still think (but hope not) that he’ll take the first half of the season off and sign on to a
 team that will claim to love Manny (or his bat anyway).


Here’s a household name for you: Manny Ramirez. Everybody seems to have an opinion about Manny. I have an opinion that is definitely not one shared by many Red Sox fans. I still love Manny, I don’t care what they say about him. There is nothing anyone can say to me to change that; nothing, so please don’t try. For what he successfully did for the Red Sox will ever overshadow any bad things he did. That’s just me though.


citizenmanny.jpgEveryone remembers an episode or two of Manny

Being Manny. Many of us  remember more. I fondly remember when he became a
U.S. citizen and ran through Fenway Park with the American flag. My son’s first two-syllable word was Man-ny as he pointed at the TV. Then there was the going into the Green Monster during a game. Yea, that was weird. Also, can’t forget Manny selling the gas grill or silver car on eBay. Yea, Manny is not your typical baseball superstar. There is nothing typical about Manny Rameriz. Nothing. 


I’m not going out on a limb by saying that he was an instrumental cog in the two World Series trophies that now reside on Yawkey Way. We all know that earlier this year he signed on with Scott Boras as his agent. Ever since then, things changed for Manny. As of now, Manny is unemployed. As much as I don’t like rumors, I have been following the Manny rumors closely. We still don’t know where he will end up. At this point it is anyone’s guess.


Among the rumors, yes, despite Manny being Manny, there are several teams trying to solicit Manny’s services. And according to Agent Scott Boras, Manny will be employed by the start of Spring Training.


The Dodgers made the first attempt with a 2 year $45 million contract. I don’t think that was too insulting provided he made $19 million in 2008. He didn’t actually turn it down, they let to offer expire. Apparently the Dodgers are still interested. I guess now the San Francisco Giants are not only still interested, but are making a play for him, again, as well. Supposedly. Manny’s friend,
goofymanny.JPGAlbert Pujols, wants Manny to join him in
St. Louis. Now that would end up being a pretty lethal 3-4 punch. Is Boras talking to Brian Cashman in some double-secret negotiations? That would be awful! That is where I draw the line.


Yea, he’s a goofball, but where will the 36-year old slugger end up? Besides being weird, he’s got quite the resume. Drafted by the Cleveland Indians in 1991; Manny played for Cleveland from 1993 until the end of the 2000 season when he signed an unheard of 8-year $160 million contract with the Red Sox, a contract that included options for 2009 and 2010, one that would have brought his earnings to over $200 million had he stayed with the Red Sox. He’s a twelve-time All-Star. He’s got nine Silver Sluggers. His career stats through 2008 are a .314 batting average; 527 home runs; 1,725 Rbi’s. Manny has the most career grand slams of any active player, and second overall most in baseball history. Who wouldn’t want him?


I know the Red Sox don’t. Though I have to say, we sure do need a big bat. I don’t care how many people tell me how great Jason Bay is / can be, he ain’t no Manny…never will be. And who knows what condition Big Papi will show up to Spring Training in. One thing for sure is no matter how badly the Red Sox don’t want him back, the majority of Red Sox fans surely don’t, as well. After all, many of them blame Manny for the fact that we don’t have the 2008 World Series trophy. You should hear them, because they are still talking about how much they dislike him. Not me.


So among the unanswered questions swirling around the Manny subject: Where will the 2009 episode of Manny Being Manny be? Will Manny play at all in 2009? Will he sit out
newepmanny.jpgthe first half, stubborn, waiting for that huge contract from a team that desperately needs a big bat to secure that push to the playoffs? I’m pretty confident it will be on a National League team. I’m thinkin’ that he’ll stay on the left coast. I hope because, frankly, if he’s not with us, I surely don’t want to see him against us, thank you very much. I wish the team good luck that finally ends up landing Manny. At least you know what you are getting with Manny when he’s at bat. But otherwise, let’s face it, he’s predictably unpredictable.


Manny will go down as one of the best batters in the history of the sport. Surely in my lifetime. Then the question final Jeopardy question remains: What hat will he wear in the Hall of Fame?


Frenzy? I Think Not.

Sometimes the anticipation of what your own team will look like season to season is just as much fun as seeing what the competition will look like. I love off-season for that sole reason. I enjoy playing the games that MLB.com has to
fantasy.JPGoffer. For example, MLB Survivor or MLB Beat The Streak. For the last couple of years, I’ve played Fantasy Baseball. I’m just getting into learning how to effectively play it, as oppose to winging it. But, I just do it for fun. There are a ton of people that take it very seriously. I don’t. For that matter, I don’t take a lot of things very seriously. Maybe I should?


frenxy.JPGIn November, I again made my picks for the MLB Free Agent Frenzy. I played last off-season, too. It was fun and I did fairly well especially in light of the fact that the writing was on the wall as to where many of the free-agent players would end up. Well, not this year. Once again, I put in my two-cents and out of 15 players, I’ve yet to predict who was going where. Even the C.C. signing, I based my choice on my heart and not my head. I just hoped he wouldn’t go to NY, but he did.


The funniest part of this year’s free-agent frenzy is it’s not even close to what I’d call a frenzy. Last thing I knew, frenzy meant frantic, wild excitement. I know frantic; I know wildly exciting and I see nothing frantic or wildly exciting about it.


Of the fifteen high-profile free agents, five of them remain unsigned as of now. And that is only because Milton Bradley and Derek Lowe signed only last week. Hello? There are a mere 24 days until pitchers and catchers are due to report to Spring Training. I suppose the frantic, wild excitement is yet to come – maybe – hopefully. Is 2009 going to be one of those weird baseball seasons when teams like the Rockies or Rays emerge and dominate? Or who is it this year, the Nats? Yikes!


The following are part of MLB.com’s fifteen unsigned high-profile free agents: Ben Sheets; Manny Ramirez; Bobby Abreu; Adam Dunn; Oliver Perez. Who woulda’ thunk? It it unbelievable to me these players remain un-signed. Can you imagine if nobody wants to pay their prices and they all remain unsigned? I know we need (o.k. let me emphasize: NEED) a catcher. I know the Mets claim they need another pitcher. I’m going to have to pay a little more attention
manny.JPGto which teams have remaining needs.


I, of course, have a personal interest in where Manny will end up, and at what cost. Stay tuned for my Manny Ramirez rant. Coming soon to a blog near you.