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There’s No Place Like Home

I love when the Red Sox come home. The Red Sox must too. Why can’t we play all of our games at Fenway? After all, it is America’s Most Beloved Ballpark, right? The most amazing things seem to happen when the Red Sox are at home.


osvrs.JPGGames 10, 11, 12 & 13 – Fenway Park – April 17, 18, 19 & 20

Red Sox vs. Baltimore Orioles


Game 1 of the Series: W ~ 10-8


I had to go to a wake tonight. An old friend passed away. She was a very big Red Sox fan. She was 80 and unlike her husband, she was lucky enough to see the Red Sox win two championships.


penny.JPGI heard the beginning of the game and it was ugly. As much as I’d rather not talk about, I will. When I got out of the wake, Brad Penny had given up a total of seven runs. Penny gave up a gazillion walks to load the bases and Nick Markakus hits a grand slam. Remember, this is the second inning. Luckily the Red Sox offense came alive and on my way to pick up the kids; Jason Bay hits a homer that drives in three runs. The Red Sox scored four in the bottom of the second. OK., cool. At least we’re not going to get shut out. 


After taking Penny out in the third, they put Delcarmen in. With no outs and one on, Markakis hits a double to drive in a run. I still wasn’t ready to throw in the towel, afterall, we’re playing the O’s. Delcarmen retires the next eight batters in a row. J. D. Drew hits a homer in the third. The RS offense stays hot and we get three more in the fifth, including a 2-run double by Nick Green. Youk gets drilled by a ball thrown by Baez and ends up scoring the 10th run off a single by Mike Lowell.


Overall, it was one of those crazy nights, ones that only seem to happen to the Red Sox at Fenway Park.


Game 2 of the Series:  W ~ 6-4


You know what they say about payback? Youk gets drilled by a pitch last
Thumbnail image for youk.jpgnight, and what better way to pay back those O’s but by going 4-5 with four RBI’s. Youk’s four hits in the game included a single, two doubles and his third home run of the season that brought home Dustin Pedroia and David Ortiz.


Luckily our offense is coming to; it’s the second night in a row the Red Sox got 12 hits. Josh Beckett got the win. He’ll begin serving his suspension after this so it’s great he’s on a high note.


But, that’s only part one of the exciting night in baseball. I had to TIVO the game because I went to a concert last night. I was bummed I’d miss the game but knew I could watch it later. I headed up to Worcester to see the Dead. Had VIP passes that had all the perks of an important person. It was fun and the concert was great but the reason I bring this up is that instead of heading to our seats when we arrived at the venue, we went to the pre-concert party before hand. When we walked in the first thing I saw was huge widescreens with Cleveland playing those pinstripers. Of course, my first impression was, why on earth would they have this game on. So, I look at the score and it’s 20-4, Cleveland. Wow! What a fun way to start a night!

It only got worse for that NY team, but, oh well…you can’t win them all.


Game 3 of the Series:  W ~ 2-1


Finally. Jon Lester looked like Jon Lester. Like everyone, I was a bit
Thumbnail image for lester2.JPGworried since Lester had two really horrible starts, of course the only two of this season. But tonight he pitched seven shut out innings. That away, Jon.


Youk was being Youk; he doubled in the second, knocking in the first of the two RS runs. Man, he is hot! Sato finished up the game, giving Paps the night off. Yes, three in a row and a day game tomorrow!


Game 4 of the Series:  W~ 12-1 – Patriot’s Day 2009


The game started as a Red Sox slug-fest and ended as a slug-fest with a fifteen hit outing. With Justin Masterson on the mound, my eyes were glued to the set. I love to watch him pitch but I am really concerned for any young arm to go from starter to bullpen, to starter and back to bullpen. I guess it’s the mom in me but after seeing Paps carry his arm off the mound a few years ago, I am nervous about this. He did a fine job
jmas.JPG covering for Diva Dice-K who is recovering from playing in the WBC.


It appeared to be a cold, windy day at Fenway but our bats were hot. (How cliche.) The wind must have been blowing just the right way. Dustin Pedroia had four hits, drove in three and scored three runs. Even
dustin.JPGBig Papi, who so far has been silent, had a double, a triple and drove in two runs. Jacoby Ellsbury had three hits and scored three times. Tek continued to show he means business by adding two RBI’s that included a shot over the Monster.


This game concludes the four game series with the O’s. It’s nice to know that we’ve won four in a row now; it sort of takes the sting away from the west coast trip.