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The Fire Sale Continues

I’m not sure how this headline should read: Adam Dunn Signs With the Nats or The Nationals FINALLY Sign A Big Bat – 2 year, $20 million, even though he made $13 million last year with the Reds. Apparently he thought he’d be worth
dunn.JPGmore, too, this season. The Nat’s plans are to play first baseman Dunn in the outfield.


Talk about a fire sale, Bobby Abreu was signed this week to the Los Angeles Angels. There is no symmetry to that trade at all. He signed for one year, $5 million. This is a guy that made $16 million for the last two years; unbelievable. How will he ever live at those low standards?


I was wondering what Kevin Millar’s post-Oriole’s destiny was to be and here’s the skinny: he signs with the Blue Jays to a minor-league contract with an non-roster invite to Spring Training. Though I have never been a big fan of
km.JPGKevin Millar’s, it still bothers me that our precious 2004 team was dismantled and this is what has become of it. Trot Nixon spends his entire career with the Sox and ends up playing in the Minors. Mark Bellhorn not only did an extended gig in the Minors, he is now even Minor-less. Now Millar not only the Minors, but for the Blue Jays.  I’m really surprised though because if anyone, I thought that he’d have a career as a MLB broadcaster. Guess the money must be better in the minors, huh?


And lastly, Manny? Where’s Manny? Dodger’s claim they are still interested even though he let one contract expire and he turned one down. Maybe three’s
mannypray.JPGa charm? Please, please would somebody sign Manny. I still think (but hope not) that he’ll take the first half of the season off and sign on to a
 team that will claim to love Manny (or his bat anyway).