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Our New Toy

Game 57 – At the Fens – June 9


Red Sox vs. That NY Team


Game 1 of the Series:  W ~ 7-0


I had to comment on this one…


Knew we’d have the Beckett of ‘ol. Caught him smilin’ before the game


Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for joshsmile.jpg O.K. this isn’t the picture from last night…but I saw him….I did; really. I’m sure it will show up on youtube or something…


He pitched great! I love this guy; have I ever said that before?



Thumbnail image for beckett.JPGBut, more (or at least equally) important — hey pinstripers — meet our new toy. His name is Daniel Bard.


bard.JPGI’m sure the pleasure is all yours. He surely gave those radar guns a workout.




A Long Week

sweep.JPGI lost my voice last week. Still hasn’t recovered 100%. I was up at Fenway with no voice, perhaps it’s permanent damage. The remnants is a lower, grainy voice. My chief announcer at the station says it’s a desired radio voice. I want my old voice back.


I suppose since I couldn’t talk, I also couldn’t write. Yea, good excuse; right? Works for me.


Note: Red Sox have seventeen games in a row between the start of this and their next day off.


bosvny.JPGGames 17, 18 & 19 – Fenway Park – April 24, 25 & 26

Red Sox vs. That New York Team




Game 1 of the Series: W ~ 3-1


Long, long, roller coaster game. Lester vs. Chamberlain. Red Sox score first. Jason Bay hit a two-run homer to tie it up in the ninth. YOUK(!) slams a walk-off in the 11th. Nuf ‘ced.


Game 2 of the Series:  L ~ 16-11


I was at this game with my favorite Red Sox fans. Couldn’t talk. The NY fans were lucky for that. Beckett vs A.J. Burnett. First time we see Burnett in pinstripes. He pitched better than Beckett. Wonder what’s going on with that #19. We were down 0-6 in the beginning. Another roller coaster game that we win! Long game.


Game 3 of the Series:  W ~ 2-1


Nice short, get it done kind of game. Young pitching vs. old guy: Masterson versus Pettitte. Highlight of this game, Jacoby Ellsbury steals home. HOW COOL WAS THAT? Plus, we sweep that NY team. It doesn’t get better than this. Winning streak at 10 in a row!!!!!


We head west, well, west of Boston to Cleveland.


rsvsind.JPGGames 20, 21 & 22 – Progressive Field – April 27, 28 & 29

Red Sox vs. Indians



Game 1 of the Series:  W~ 3-1


Tim Wakefield pitches another gem. It’s Wake vs. Cliff Lee, who goes eight innings. Tight, I mean zero, zero game until the ninth when Jason Bay smashes a three-run homer. That’s all it took. Winning streak extended to 11 in a row!!!!


Game 2 of the Series:  L~ 8-9


With eight runs, fourteen hits and a tied ninth inning, you know the Red Sox are up to the challenge of making it twelve in a row. But, no. Youk makes a great catch, throws it to Lopez who’s covering first, and what happens, Lopez misses it. Game ends and so does the streak. 


Game 3 of the Series:  W~ 6-5 (in 10 innings)


Lester vs. Carmona.  Looks like we were getting eaten up early. Man, that Carmona can pitch. J.D. Drew out (again?). In Jonathan Van Every. Not a household name until he starts a Red Sox rally. Then in the tenth, with his first major league career homer, he helps the Red Sox secure the lead to a win. Yea! On to Tampa!