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Put Me In Coach, I’m Ready To Play…

What do Chien-Ming Wang, Jonathan Albaladejo, Edwar Ramirez, Phil Coke and Nick Swisher all have in common? They’re all NY pitchers….well, maybe not.


One can make a joke around here, right? This is what I love about that NY team, they are constantly giving us fodder to do that.


Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for DSC_0408.JPGSo this is how it goes: On Monday I’m paying attention to this game because, of course, the mighty Kaz is pitching. That NY team never had a prayer. The Trop was rockin’ as the Rays celebrated pregame by hoisting their championship banners. Upton was just joining the lineup after some off-season shoulder rebuilding surgery. Should I go on?


All-in-all Wang pitched a little more than one inning before they pulled him in the second. By then he had thrown 61 pitches, allowed six hits, three walks and struck out one. Now in two starts, he’s got something like a 29.0 era in four-and-a-half innings pitched. Ya think he could use a raise?


Looking for someone that can actually throw a strike, that NY team goes to their bullpen, then their bench. Yes, newly acquired utility infield-outfielder says, yes, he pitched in high school – gave
nickswish.JPGup a couple homeruns then, but heck, how could he be any worse than what was seen earlier? Not only was ol’ Nicky not worse, he was actually better. Unlike the four pitchers before him, he didn’t allow a run and even struck out Gabe Kapler. It’s pretty pathetic that your bench has a better ERA than your second starter.


So another edition of the Rays doing a job on that NY team. The Rays win 15-5. I love it! It’s the best thing a Red Sox fan could wish for!



p.s. OK, yes, this is yesterday’s news but tax time is busy for me…I’ll try to do better, but this joke will never get old.