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Lucky 13!


14 July 2009 ~ Busch Stadium, St. Louis, MO


American League 4 – National League 3


I’m so delighted that the American League will, once again, begin the World Series on home turf. Being a Red Sox fan, that truly makes all the difference…I think. Afterall, we’ll be in Boston to get that Mo-Jo working. Maybe we won’t be hosting the final party, but in 2004 or 2007 we didn’t either, and it still was all good.


Yes, I am taking the liberty of knowing that the Red Sox will be in this year’s final event. What can I say? I’m a Red Sox fan.


Congratulations goes out to all that either participated or hung out at the game last night. It was a fun game. I’m a little bit ambivalent about it’s usefullness but one thing it does provide is for the guys to have some much-needed time off to regroup for the rest of the season.


It was very cool seeing our president show his colors, even if his Sox weren’t the same as my Sox. It’s the passion I love! Though he really needs to work on that throwing since I’m thinking I have a better arm than him. I’m presuming he was just going through the motion. Let’s hope so.


Now that is over and done with we can look forward to a bunch of things: The July trading deadline; the old, over-paid players to fizzle as we approach the second-half; the young-stud players to sizzle as we approach the second-half. We’ll know if Halliday is coming or going, if Pedro will show up on someone’s roster; if Buccholz will make stay in our line-up; if Wake will keep his knuckleball tricky. Oh, there is so many unanswered questions! 


When all is said and done, bottomline is: PITCHING WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS. Who’s pitching will hold up?


Let the second half of the games begin.




01.20.09 – Change Is In The Air

It’s finally here! We’ve been seeing the bumper sticker for years now. Some of us have been waiting with baited breath. I’m not going to go political on you, so don’t worry.


When Barack Obama first came on the scene, my initial impression was,

Untitled-1.jpg“WOW, how cool is he? This guy’s a baseball fan!” It seemed to me he wore a White Sox hat everywhere; every picture I saw him in. Sure, he’s not a Red Sox fan but I can deal with that. But he’s the real deal. He’s not sportin’ a White Sox hat for a photo op, like some. He’s a fan, not an owner. He interest is in the sport itself. You know, the great American past-time?


Not only is he a fan, he’s a fan of an intense cross-town rivalry. Not so much that the teams are great rivals of each other (like being in Connecticut, in the cross-fire of the Boston / NY rivalry) since they are in different divisions, it seems really the fans that are rivals in their city. You gotta’ love the guy’s conviction. Apparently he chose his alliance years ago.


Plus, if you notice, Barack Obama has one of the older-style White Sox hats and apparently he’s not ready to trade it in for a newer one. We all have our hats that we love more than others. You know? The lucky hat. The one that has been to the games with you through thick and thin. The one that have been with you on Opening Day and have seen two no-hitters. The ones that went

with you to Game 5 miracle. The one you cry into. The one you hold over your
Untitled-2.jpgheart during the National Anthem.


I love baseball and it will be a welcome change to have a president that seems to love it for the same reasons I do. Go Red Sox!