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Seeing John Smolz Pitch A Winning Game

Game 86 – At Fenway Park – July 11


Red Sox vs. Kansas City Royals


Game 3 of the Series:  W ~ 15 – 9


John Smoltz vs. Gil Meche


DSC_0935.JPGSince I was at the game this past Monday looking too see John Smoltz’s first win in a Red Sox uniform (and didn’t), I decide I’m going to go to see Saturday’s game virtually at the last minute. And, yes Sport’s Fans, a Red Sox fan can get tickets to Fenway Park at the last minute. Well, I can anyway. I am a huge fan of John Smolz. I want to see him get a win.


I also am a big fan of a couple of Kansas City pitchers: Both Zack Greinke and Gil Meche. No, I’m not a band-wagon Greinke fan; I can spot a pitcher with something special a mile away. But what on earth ever happened to Gil Meche? For a few seasons past, he had something remotely special, especially against the Red Sox. Oh, what these teams do to their pitchers.


DSC_0921.JPGAnyhoo, the game starts out as a virtual slug-fest. Gotta love those bats coming alive early and often. My boy Youk, having some recent trouble at the plate nails two, I say two, homers! Varitek, knowing I had my camera, decides to show off and give me a home run treat. I know he did it for
DSC_0975.JPGme to show his appreciation of my support for him in the off-season. No, really; I know he did. And, BIG PAPI! I’m loving the comeback, dude! Not to forget, the little man, Pedroia, hits a triple.


So we sail into the top of the fifth with a 9 – 0 lead. One would think, yea(!), Smoltz has this one wrapped up: His first Red Sox win. Wrong! By the seventh inning stretch, I’m ready to throw up. With the
DSC_0993.JPGcombined efforts of MDC and my boy Masterson (who incidentially gets my free-pass on this one), the KCR have come within two runs of tying this one up!  


Well, when all is said and done, the Red Sox get back into the game and pull a win out of the blue. Ya know? Ya gotta’ love these guys but it really
DSC_0982.JPGstill takes a lotta effort to love them unconditionally.


Glad the All-Star break is here. We could use some regrouping. Let the second half of the season begin. I’m definately psyched for some October-like baseball! 



Sitting Out Big Papi

I have a lot of catching up to do but I’m not going to right now. I had an amazing weekend (last weekend) at Fenway that I have started to write about but other things took over. Again, I will try to catch up because I have some great pictures but, I’m lazy and in a serious funk this week so I’ve put that task by the way-side. <big sigh>

Thumbnail image for happy.JPG

Everyone is talking about it. Everyone has been talking about it. I’ve been

talking about it. So now I have to write about it but I really have nothing to say. How weird is that? I find solace in writing and can usually get out what is on my mind, which I have found to be (lately) both a blessing and a curse. But anyway…..



David Ortiz. Big Papi. What’s up with him?


SLUMP – (pronounced: sluhmp) noun


11:  A period during which a person performs slowly, inefficiently, or ineffectively, esp. a period during which an athlete or team fails to play or score as well as usual.


By definition, David Ortiz is in a slump. We’re talking a serious slum, but a slump none-the-less. I look at a bunch of factors. First, and foremost, I don’t know why Terry let it go this long by not adjusting him (moving him
ortiz.JPGdown) in the line up. A week or so ago that should have been done and wasn’t. Now, since it wasn’t done, he’s now taking a couple of mental health days. Yea, we all need them once and a while; Big Papi needs one (or two, or three). I kept my kid out of school a few weeks ago because he was needing one seriously. Being twelve years old is tough and I recognize that. Hey, I’m a nice mom, what can I say?  


Now, next. Why the slump? Well, that’s one of life’s great mysteries. No answer to that one.  This actually seems like a quite extensive slump but would it be so bad if he had been moved earlier. I look at Tek. The guy is doing just fine after his slump at the end of last season, right? But, on the other hand, Tek’s job is catching; no slump there. Big Papi’s job is hitting. What happens when you don’t do your job?ortizbat.JPG


Here is the world according to me: I say rest Ortiz. Put him in the 7 or 8 slot when he returns. See what happens. I’m not ready to throw him under the bus. I want a rested and rejuvenated Big Papi. Afterall, he was awarded the best clutch hitter award a couple years back. I know he has it in him. Right now it’s a game of wait and see but not at the teams expense. Especially once Youk gets back in the lineup, we’ll be fine. We’ll get through this, I know we will. Good luck Big Papi. I still love ya.