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I Think I’m Going To Be Sick

It’s a(nother) sad day in baseball.


Open letter to Manny: Manny, I can’t tell you how disappointed I am. I am speechless.


I, just yesterday, apologized to several of my friends for being supporting Manny about his last days wearing a Red Sox uniform. I just experienced my son, pulling a Manny. I’m going to publish a letter I dreaded writing (or even having to acknowledge) but when I’m wrong, I admit it. I don’t always see the perspective that is common ground. I never drink the kool-aid. I like to always try to put a positive spin on things because I truly, in my heart believe people are born good. Now, with that being said:


As you probably know, my 12-year old Elliott, plays Little League. He’s in the Majors Division and up until now has held his own when it comes to ability. Probably doesn’t have inherent talent but works very hard and that is apparent watching him play. This season, for whatever reason, he’s in a funk, a slump or whatever you’d call it. This has taken this very positive player in to negative territory. What I witnessed at his last game was purely despicable. He was in the dugout bitchin’, moaning, complaining, not to mention, going up to bat, not swinging at pitches, not running for the ball that he was fielding, etc. This behavior made me want to vomit.
When this kid left his game, his mother gave him the talking to of a lifetime. I gave him 24-hours to come up with a solution to this disgusting behavior regarding baseball. We’re hoping the situation turns around and we’ll see since he has two games this week.
OK. The reason I tell this to you is because I wanted to apologize since I was your biggest critic for you expressing your disdain for the number 24. I now see at a very low level how this must have impacted our players last year. This is a perspective I never saw before. I probably won’t go as far as to say I hate him for this, but I clearly can see now how people can. I thought you’d enjoy my recent revelation.


I am so sad. That’s all I have to say right now because I am speechless. I feel like crying but instead I think I’ll go throw up.