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Saying Good-bye to ST in Florida For Another Season

Spring Training is over. The exhibition games are beginning. The Red Sox begin moving north and the next games will be at the new Shea Stadium. Yes, I realize it is not called Shea Stadium anymore, but, too bad, to me it will be Shea. For a while


I’m opposed (and appalled) that the naming rights remained as Citifield. I’m disgusted at the whole tear-down-Shea-put-up-a-shiny-new-park-on-the-tax-payers-dime thing.


I’ve been to Shea a few times. I grew up paying attention to the Mets. Afterall, I live in Connecticut. I am a Red Sox fan and was in 1986. I can tell you all about that defining week of baseball. I can tell all about the series itself. I can tell you where I was when the ball went between Buckner’s legs. I remember.


blowupshea.JPGI heard a couple of years ago that they were going to tear Shea down. I took my kids there to see the Mets play the Reds. Just to see the stadium…and see a game, of course.


When the Mets played the Cardinals in the playoffs a couple of years ago, I took my 75-year old Cardinal fan friend and his son. I grew up next to this Cardinal fan. My old neighbor helped me love baseball. It was the least I could do. The Cardinal’s lost that game, and ultimately that series but I probably had the most fun at any game I ever went to.


So the Red Sox are playing against the Mets for the last two games of this years Spring Training, though officially called Exhibition Games. These two will be at the new Shea. I learned a lot about what we can
shea.JPGexpect this year from the RS, I think. I did watch and listen to a lot of the games. It is fun to know this pre-season is wrapping up.


I do have fond memories of Shea Stadium. I will be going to Saturday’s game, the 2nd Ever Major League game to be played at the New Shea Stadium: Mets v Red Sox. I think our “A” team will be playing. It will be fun to check out the stadium, after all don’t we own some of it…us tax payers? I probably won’t be back to patronize the New Shea until I get over my anger. I’m going Saturday for the simple fact of baseball history. So my kids can say, “my mother saw the 2nd ML game at, whatever it will be called by the time my kids have kids. I will be back of course if it’s to see a Red Sox v Mets World Series Game. Yes, for that I’ll be back for sure!


Spring (Training) Is In The Air

I’m really enjoying Spring Training this year. Not that I’m enjoying it more than last or the year before or the year before because I don’t remember how much I’ve enjoyed it in the past. It sure is fun to have our youngin’s out there doing

nick.JPGtheir stuff. Trying to prove something; playing with their hearts. (What a concept in baseball, huh?) You’ll be hearing names like Nick Green sooner than later, I believe.


One year, several years ago, I really(!) enjoyed Spring Training. I booked a Red Sox Destinations package, spent a week in Ft. Myers, was treated like a VIP, and watched baseball before baseball really began for the season. I suppose I could have been anywhere and when you’re treated like a VIP it’s a good thing, but throw baseball in the mix and life is good.


I had a blast. The “Destination” I took was the inaugural trip from Red Sox Destination’s. Red Sox Destinations are planned trips/events offered by Fenway Sports Group. They offer experiences you usually don’t get by being the typical fan. You pay dearly for them but what do
paps.JPGthey say, you can’t take it with you, right?


I went on trip the week of St. Paddy’s Day; the perfect week to attend ST, in my opinion. Of course, the Red Sox wore their green shirts. The weather was great. I went down two days earlier than the rest of the Destinations group, as I needed to leave two days earlier. That’s how flexible these folks are, or at least, were. I got a private tour because of this. I got great seats to a couple of games because they weren’t part of the group tickets. When the rest of the folks joined us, we were able to do batting practice on the field. What an
experience. I was even able to bat with Mark Bellhorn’s old bat.


So, I’m a bit reminiscent of that year’s Spring Training. Every t
bpjt.JPGime I see the City of Palms Park, I think of good times. Though all the regular season players weren’t playing when I was at ST, they were all there. Well, all except Varitek. He was at the World Baseball Classic. Though I don’t agree that ‘our’ players should be in the WBC, I’m not certain the players that are there would be playing too much this early in Spring Training anyway. I understand why they want to play but I’m not a big fan of September burn-out (or injury).


city.JPGSo, I will enjoy the next couple weeks of Spring Training. I don’t have a MLB-TV.com package, nor do I have digital cable so I am unable to watch baseball; I have to listen to it. It’s not too bad if it’s on the radio but it’s stretching it having it on the computer only. The sound system in my house is far superior to my computer capacity so when a game is on the radio I just crank it up and can go about my business and listen to a game, where as if a game is only on the computer on Gameday Audio, I need to be within reach of the computer. Sometimes I get something done, other times I just play and frankly, I have way too much to do to sit to just play day after day.


So let the ST games continue. I’m lovin’ them.

The Fire Sale Continues

I’m not sure how this headline should read: Adam Dunn Signs With the Nats or The Nationals FINALLY Sign A Big Bat – 2 year, $20 million, even though he made $13 million last year with the Reds. Apparently he thought he’d be worth
dunn.JPGmore, too, this season. The Nat’s plans are to play first baseman Dunn in the outfield.


Talk about a fire sale, Bobby Abreu was signed this week to the Los Angeles Angels. There is no symmetry to that trade at all. He signed for one year, $5 million. This is a guy that made $16 million for the last two years; unbelievable. How will he ever live at those low standards?


I was wondering what Kevin Millar’s post-Oriole’s destiny was to be and here’s the skinny: he signs with the Blue Jays to a minor-league contract with an non-roster invite to Spring Training. Though I have never been a big fan of
km.JPGKevin Millar’s, it still bothers me that our precious 2004 team was dismantled and this is what has become of it. Trot Nixon spends his entire career with the Sox and ends up playing in the Minors. Mark Bellhorn not only did an extended gig in the Minors, he is now even Minor-less. Now Millar not only the Minors, but for the Blue Jays.  I’m really surprised though because if anyone, I thought that he’d have a career as a MLB broadcaster. Guess the money must be better in the minors, huh?


And lastly, Manny? Where’s Manny? Dodger’s claim they are still interested even though he let one contract expire and he turned one down. Maybe three’s
mannypray.JPGa charm? Please, please would somebody sign Manny. I still think (but hope not) that he’ll take the first half of the season off and sign on to a
 team that will claim to love Manny (or his bat anyway).