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I Thought Even The Losers Get Lucky Sometime…Wrong

I’m crying foul.


I joke to the folks in the grocery store that are behind me in line that they should have chosen another line. It never fails. The person in front of me will always need a rain check. Or the $1.99 item is ringing up as $2.09. Or one of her eggs is cracked and the less-than-competent-paper-or-plastic bagger runs back to the egg department to get a replacement egg and loses their way either there or back. Surely, the only reason this is happening because I’m in line.


I’ve always been this way. I use to think I had a sign on my back that said, “Give me a hard time.” It’s really not a fun way to go through life. Trust me. Even my friends give me a hard time for their own enjoyment.Sometimes I’d hate to see how I’d be treated if I wasn’t liked. 😦  


yahoo.JPGRight when I thought I had it all figured out, it’s happening AGAIN! I think the concept  started with the Red Sox, or maybe it didn’t and that I was only paying to them, I’m talking about these ticket lotteries that the teams make you win in order to allow you to buy premium game tickets. Yea, the coveted Opening Day tickets, or any rivalry game, or in a lot of cases now, any games with the Red Sox. So if you are planning to travel outside of
Boston to see a series at another stadium, you have to win their lottery just to get a ticket. Forget bringing a family because usually they will only allow to buy two tickets to one game.


Since 1993 I have had dial-up service with AOL, who of course offered their email accounts. I initially paid for AOL, then, in their infinite wisdom, they restructured and offered free email because cable and DSL were everywhere. At that time, I started having screwy things happen to my email. Then Comcast internet came to our little town, I switched. Uuuugggg! Anyone who has Comcast knows what I’m talking about. I don’t use high spam filters because I want to be the one censoring my email, not Comcast. Well they do anyway. I don’t understand what happens to all those emails! So, I apply for these lotteries and I never get my emails saying I’m a winner or loser. I just plain don’t get them at all. I figured instead of changing Comcast, I’d ignore them and just not use their email for important things. I changed my email to a Yahoo! account thinking

comcast.JPGthat is safe.


Here we go AGAIN. Now I’m not getting my notifications from through my Yahoo! account. Apparently Comcast has it all figured out but I don’t trust them. The old “fool me once…” thing. Once bitten, twice shy. (How many other clichés can I think of?) I can forgive, I just can’t ever forget.


But this is just unbelievable! Again, where are they storing my email. It’s not in my inbox. It’s not bad enough that I never win these darn lotteries but I at least want my loser emails. Being the dreamer I am, I always have a shred of hope that maybe my luck will change just once. Just once. The worst part is, is there is no recourse. I could have been a winner and just don’t know it. O.K., maybe not. I know just thinking of me winning is a stretch but it could happen; no, really. My hands are tied. You can’t call the Red Sox; they don’t know or care. You can’t call Yahoo!; they don’t know or care. You can’t call MLB; they don’t know or care.


So where does this leave me this season? Little to no chance for a pair of Opening Day tickets. Little to no chance for a pair of rivalry tickets. Little to no chance to sit atop the monster or Bud roof. I cry foul.





I Got The Blues; The Virtual Waiting Room Blues

Today is one of those days that by afternoon I’ll be so wiped out that, well, I don’t even know the cure for it yet. The irony is, I’ll likely be sitting around all


Yes, today is the general onsale date for those ever-coveted, highly-sought-after tickets to Red Sox games at Fenway Park.


In December, tickets went on sale in packs of four (Sox Packs): you get three, what some call lousy games, and one decent game. Additionally, tickets for select games early in the season and September are released for sale at that time, as well. Anyone that lives in a 200-mile radius of Boston knows (or should know) that April and early May could be freeeeeeezing, or so darn hot that a ticket to
fenway.JPGFenway is a gamble. September games will bring cool nights but hot baseball so it sort of averages out. But today, the rest of the tickets are opened up to those who are paying attention. Tickets for warm summer nights in
Boston. Tickets for Interleague games. Tickets to Fenway Park.


Of course, these remaining games that go onsale today have their exceptions, too. No Opening Day; no Yankee games; no Monster Seats; no Bud Roof Tables. These all go on sale later. You see, the owners of the Red Sox feel pity to those of us who want tickets. They allow us the freedom of having our Mastercard charges spread over a four or five month period. You need to remember, tickets to Fenway Park are the most expensive in the Major Leagues. I buy for a family of four so IF I can even get tickets, they do a job on my Mastercard.


Come 10:00 a.m., I will be sitting in the VWR (Virtual Waiting Room) for hours
vwr.JPGand hours. I wish it wasn’t Virtual because I truly would like them to serve a continental breakfast. OK, since it is Virtual, they should provide video games or we should be able to talk to each other or something. It’s unbelievably boring but hectic. I’m pretty naïve when it comes to ticket buying. You’d think after all these years and times of sitting, I’d figure something out to ease the pain of the VWR, but nope. Not me. I absolutely have the worst luck in the world. I never can get in. I now have wireless (yes, I know, welcome to the 21st Century) so my waiting can be done anywhere I want. But, I still stay in my little corner of my ‘office’ so I don’t hear the kids fighting, the dog barking, etc. Waiting.


I have friends, that for some reason can get in and out in a matter of minutes. Don’t know how they do it. Luck? Who knows? Maybe there is a trick that they know of and I don’t. If it is luck, well than, my chances of grand things like winning Powerball are ever-increasing. My chances grow greater every onsale day. Hopefully.


Gone are the days when you can go the day of the game and
oldtix.JPGscore just about any seat category you’d like. The good ol’ days!


I do a lot of work ahead of this sale to try to figure out which games I’ll need / want. I have grids, schedules, index cards with first, second, third choices, not that it matters. I always try to approach life with the glass half-full. Since I have a limited season ticket package, I already have ten games. I have unfortunate circumstances around this package. I have four in my family and only three seats to my package. My son was an infant when I got this package and didn’t need a seat. Thinking the Red Sox would be reasonable, I could ‘upgrade’ when he could sit up, but nope. Unfortunately (or should I say fortunately) the Red Sox went and won a World Series championship since then and tickets became virtually impossible to get. The Red Sox now limit your ticket buying, which makes matters worse. Since I already have tickets, they see no need for me to keep buying them. What they don’t understand is that I am buying a lot of my tickets to match up the games I need for my little guy to be able to come so we might be able to go as a family to “Family-Friendly Fenway.” But, of course, since he doesn’t have a Mastercard, he can’t buy his own darn tickets so they limit me. Talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place.


So, as I wait in the VWR, I’ll be thinking of the sights, sounds, and smells of Fenway Park. You know, virtually. My favorite are the sounds. My ears are my strongest sense. There is no way to duplicate that. I’ll have a window open to my friends on the message  board I belong to, reading how they successfully bought their limits of Mets tickets, Rays tickets, warm summer night tickets. And me, I’ll be sitting, waiting, waiting waiting. Oh, the pleasures of being a Red Sox fan.