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Twin Wins Versus the Twins

“If it was up to me, obviously we would have went through with this whole thing because I don’t think I deserve even one game,” Beckett said. “(But) when your boss tells you that something is best for the whole group then that’s what we do.”


This is where pitching versus principles are in conflict. One oversight in my last blog was to acknowledge the reduction of Josh Beckett’s six-game suspension to “just” five games. This reduction allows Beckett not to miss a start and to be scheduled to pitch Saturday against that NY team when they play this coming weekend at Fenway.


It’s a tough one. I understand Beckett’s passion for getting the facts straight since I am probably the most principled person I know, but…. As I commented earlier, it’s a fine case of an outside source trying to determine the intentional versus the unintentional, which is entirely impossible. I just don’t like precedent setting decisions made to appease the boss. But I do understand what is at stake…I think.


minnvrs.JPGGames 14 & 15 – Fenway Park – April 21 & 22

Red Sox vs. Minnesota Twins


Game 1 of the Series: W ~ 10-1


What started out as a beautiful day around here, ended in a cold, rainy, call-the- game kind of day. The Tuesday night game versus the Minnesota Twins was rained out and will be played as a day / night double header tomorrow. This is the only time the Twins will be in Boston so they did what they could to get these two games in.


My days are pretty much reserved for a little play and a lot of work. Whether it be for my ‘real’ job or just work around the house, I do need to get things done. Between Easter and school vacation, my kids have been out of school for what seems like forever, forcing me to put things off until this week. Now, these darn day games (Patriot’s Day and now
Thumbnail image for WAKEON.JPGthis) have put me behind again. O.K., I’m really not complaining since many of you are at work every day and don’t get to see the games, I’m stating fact. I suppose I could work and listen, right?


Wake was on the mound and the RS offense once again went into action early. Youk sets the pace by clobbering a two-out, two-run homer in the first; Nick Green clocks a two-run shot in the second; and
Mike Lowell gets a two-out, two-run homer in the third.


Our bats went silent until the seventh when Big Papi got a rally started
nick.JPGwith a double. Then Youk, J.D. Drew and Jason Bay walk, which forces in Ortiz. Again, with loaded bases, Mike Lowell singles, Kottaras gets a sac fly and Nick Green gets an RBI double. Then it clouds up and starts to rain. By now the score is 10 – 1 and they halt the game. With no break in sight, they call it a game after seven and we win.



Game 2 of the Series:  W ~ 7-3


I was pretty convinced they’d get this game in because it had stopped raining pretty early here in Connecticut. Though 7:00 p.m. came around and it was still looking pretty dismal in Boston, they did see a break and began the game shortly before 8:00 p.m.


With the anticipation of Brad Penny taking the mound, I put my head into a positive vibes state of mind. Though I’m not a big fan of the Penny signing to begin with, I try to keep myself from cringing when he’s set to pitch, especially in light of his previous disastrous start, because that doesn’t help anyone. That’s not to say the Twins weren’t hitting him, our defense, especially Ellsbury, were getting a full workout.  Penny did give up one home run to Justin Morneau, who went 2 for three and scored two of

chriscarter.JPGthe three Minnesota runs.


Our smokin’ offense pitched in as well. Jeff Bailey got us on the board in the bottom of the second by hitting a three-run homer. Bailey had just been called up from AAA Pawtucket to fill the void that Rocco Baldelli created when he was listed on the DL. (I’m not going to say I told you so; I’ll save that for later in the season on this one.)


Luckily we were able to get this game in. It surely looked cold in Boston but it is April in New England; anything is possible


How’s the song go: Train kept a rolling, all night long. Man, these boys are hot! 


This game concludes the mere two game series with the Twins. Now it’s six in a row at home, and throwing in the win in Oakland, it’s seven. How ’bout makin’ it ten, guys? A day off, a rested bullpen, and being at home….what more can we ask for when those pinstriped, overpaid boys come to town? It’s suppose to be a beautiful (and warm) weekend in Boston for the next three games when that NY team comes to town. Lester v Joba the Gut; Beckett v A.J Burnett; and young v old (I mean Masterson v Pettitte). All I can say is, “go get ’em boys!”